Where People Come First

Where People Come First

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About Autoimmune Disease Community

My name is Jeff and I have not one, but several autoimmune diseases. I am very devoted to this project as it has been a dream of mine for a very long time, and I am finally able to create a community where people come first. As the time is passing by more and more people are becoming affected by these diseases and disorders, and there are more popping up all the time. There are over one-hundred autoimmune diseases that are known as I am sharing this with you, and they don’t just affect us when we become elderly anymore, so it is time someone does something about it.

Since the government and the food and drug administration will not do something about our suffering, I am creating a place where you can hear it from someone who really does know what you are going though, and if you are in search of a place where someone understands your symptoms and challenges on your bad days this is the place I hope you will choose to come regularly.

Why Visit Autoimmune Disease Community

You will experience information and resources that will benefit you to manage your autoimmune disease symptoms, and being I live with these symptoms myself I have a much better understanding of your needs more than other similar communities that are only after your money. This is not a website with the intention of using your diseases and symptoms to earn a big bank account, you will find everything on this website is focusing on helping you manage your symptoms and you can trust me that this community is being created to help you.

You will notice this community requires no membership or membership fees like many other communities, and that is because I am doing this out of the bottom of my heart to help people. I do know what chronic pain feels like, and what sleepless nights are like from so much pain you just want to cry. I have even at one time just wished God would take me so my pain would stop, and many years ago I did consider stopping my pain on my own by taking my own life. I do understand what your life is like, and I really do believe this is God’s purpose for me, and that is why he has led me to create the Autoimmune Disease Community.


“The sun never quits shining. Sometimes, clouds just get in the way.”


Submitted by Gailann Thomas-Black



Autoimmune Disease Community Goals

These communities goals is to help as many people in any way it can, and this is not my community, but this is your community and I want you to be an important part of this community. I welcome comments from all of you what are your needs and wants from your community, and I really mean it when I say this community is where people come first. So I do hope and pray you can feel my words are true to my heart, and if you have been praying for help from God this just might be the answer to your prayers.

If you ever need my assistance or have questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



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8 thoughts on “Where People Come First

  1. Hi Jeff. Glad to come accross your Autoimmune Community. Thank you for big heart to share your experiences and help to those who are in need. I am sure many people will be blessed by your sharing. God bless you.

    1. Thank you very much, Jamie Lee

      I am honored you visited my community and commented,
      and I hope to hear from you again soon


  2. Hi Jeff,
    What a great idea! I have Graves Disease and have had the same problem being up nights with hyperthyroid issues. I know how miserable it can be. I’m not familiar with all of the autoimmune diseases but the learning can benefit all of us.

    1. Thank you, Larry

      I appreciate you reading and sharing your experience with up at night
      with Graves Disease, I hope you will visit again real soon.


    1. Thank you, Martine

      I am very dedicated to providing helpful information to help as
      many people as I possibly can through this community and I thank
      you for visiting and commenting


  3. Hi Jeff,

    Lovely introduction, I never came across that quote before but it really resonates with me. It’s great to know this community exists, I’ll certainly be tapping into the knowledge being provided on the site.

    Best wishes,

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