What Is Mental Health Issues

What Is Mental Health Issues

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If you are living with autoimmune diseases you really need to be aware of what is mental health issues, and most of us living with immune problems are also experiencing symptoms emotionally. If you are feeling the ups and down with your mood, thinking, and behavior you just might be having emotional symptoms, and this often goes along with autoimmune diseases.


What Are The Signs To Look For

The first thing we need to be aware of is the symptoms, so let’s look at the most common signs you might be experiencing with mental health issues.

Long periods of feeling extremely sad are usually one of the first symptoms most people will experience, but often we don’t even realize this if we have been experiencing this feeling for a long time.


High & low moods



Extremely anxious

Avoid social events


Change in your appetite



what is mental health issues
Online Therapy Is Now Available For Mental Health Issues


Online Therapy Toolbox

Even today many people are too ashamed to seek traditional therapy through a counselor, but the majority of people, when asked if they would seek therapy online, answered yes.  Statistics show one in four people will experience mental health issues at some time in their life, but how many people are not accounted for because they never seek help?  More people suffer from mental health than physical health today, and more people are disabled from emotional issues than physical issues.

Online therapy toolbox is possibly the answer for many people to receive treatment who are too ashamed to seek traditional therapy, and many people rarely even leave their homes other than out of necessity with severe symptoms.


Affordable Plans

Free Plan $0.00 per week

Basic Plan $31.96 per week

Standard Plan $47.96

Premium Plan $63.96


To make it convenient for you, they offer three subscription alternatives that give you varied access to online therapy services, depending on your specific needs. You can upgrade or cancel your subscription any time with the click of a button. They accept standard credit/debit cards and PayPal.


Choose the subscription plan that suits your needs: 20% discount first month!


What Are The Types Of Mental Health Issues

For your convenience, I found this mental health disorder list on the website Health Direct.Gov.Au to share with you, and so this will provide you with the main groups of disorders people are experiencing today.

Mood Disorders




Personality Disorders

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Substance Abuse


Mental Health Helplines

I thought it was only right I provide you some helplines where you can contact for assistance, and never hesitate to contact one of these helplines if you are feeling out of control with your symptoms.



Mental Health America

Helpline Center


These organizations are good places to begin your search for assistance, and so I hope if you are experiencing any mental health symptoms you reach out to these helplines because they really want to help you.


what is mental health issues
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How To Help Someone With Mental Health Issues

The most difficult thing to do is to watch someone you know struggling with mental health symptoms, and this can be very uncomfortable for people to be around a person with mental health issues, so what to say or what to do?

What To Say

Ask them honestly how are they doing with a sincere interest in them, you can offer to take them out which is one of the best ways you can help them.  You can provide them with new interests or hobbies, and another good one is to coax them to go for a walk with you or start going to the gym with you. Socializing and exercise are two of the best ways you can help another person to begin the road to recovery, and most of the time they will make excuses, so you need to be prepared for countering this before making your offerings to them.

What Can You Do

The best two things you can do for someone is to show them compassion and support, and this can be the best medicine for them they can ever receive. Encouraging them to do things with you regularly even if they refuse you is important, and this can be very beneficial for someone who is experiencing mood disorders. If you keep offering them opportunities, you might just catch them in one of their up moods and they might accept your offer.


How To Live With Someone With Mental Illness

Now comes the most difficult problem many families experience with mental illness, and the problem is living with someone with a mental illness. Many times the person who is unhealthy and struggling can affect other people in the family, and they are not doing this on purpose it is just being around them can have this effect on us.

Keep yourself healthy is your first priority, you can’t be any good for the person if you are not healthy yourself. Encourage the person to express their feelings openly with you, and many times this can ease their symptoms especially their anxiety. You need to focus on dealing with one problem at a time, so avoid trying to look ahead and instead just take it one day at a time. Many caregivers need to seek assistance themselves to learn to live with someone testing their patience day in and day out, so traditional therapy or online therapy can be an important part of a caregiver taking care of themselves.


Autoimmune Brain Diseases

These diseases occur when your immune system starts to attack your cell tissues in your brain and spinal cord, and whenever your immune system starts to attack any part of your body chronic inflammation is activated. Inflammation of the brain and spinal cord can cause improper functioning resulting in neurological and psychiatric symptoms. Here is a list of some of the most common brain diseases from autoimmune.

Autoimmune encephalitis

Autoimmune-related epilepsy

Central nervous system

Hashimoto’s encephalopathy

Neuromyelitis Optica

Optic neuritis


Neuro-Behcet’s disease

Cerebral lupus


what is mental health issues
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Autoimmune Diseases And Psychotic Disorders

Here is a list of autoimmune diseases with psychotic disorder connections, and this list came from the Frontiers website.

Celiac Disease

Multiple Sclerosis


Autoimmune Thyroid Disorder

Diabetes Type 1

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Autoimmune Encephalitis


Other autoimmune diseases have an association with psychotic disorders as well, so there does seem to be a connection through studies although no studies have been able to provide absolute proof at this time. One reason for this is everyone with the same autoimmune diseases does not experience exactly the same symptoms, and that is because everyone’s immune system is not attacking the exact same cells even when people have the same diseases.


What Is Mental Health Issues

This article hopefully has helped you understand mental health issues better than before you read it, and how autoimmune diseases are contributing to some of our emotional symptoms such as anxiety and depression. I also provided you a list of the brain diseases, and also a list of the most common diseases connected with psychotic disorders as well. So you should now have a better understanding of how the body and the mind do affect one another, and how our immune system when malfunctioning can cause us all kinds of health problems.


























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8 thoughts on “What Is Mental Health Issues

  1. Mental health is so important and affects all areas of your life. I enjoyed this post and it’s made me more aware of signs to watch out for with friends and family. Thanks for sharing:)

    1. Hello, Kathy

      Mental health affects us all at some time in our lives, and many seniors with autoimmune diseases experience mental health issues along with their physical symptoms.


  2. Thank you for sharing this interesting article on a subject that connects us all in some way.

    When I was younger I don’t remember this topic ever coming to the forefront.

    Nowadays, it is all around us and you have to ask the question why?

    Could it be our food and water that is getting contaminated or even our atmosphere poisoned with chemicals?

    More and more people require the use of our medical professions and you see this when trying to get to see the doctor. With wait times of several weeks.

    Once again, thank you for sharing

    1. Hello, Mick
      You are so correct with the huge increase in mental health today, and I agree there is a possibility that our food, water, and even our air could be contributing.


  3. Hi Jeff,

    Thank you for this informative post about mental health issues. Many people don’t realize the signs and I think it is important to educate ourselves about it so we can remedy the problems as soon as possible before it becomes worst.
    Hope more people will learn from your site.

    1. Hello, Ferra

      I am always happy to hear your input on my articles, we do need to focus more on mental health signs. Since we all can one day experience mental health issues at one time in our life, and for our friends and family as well


  4. Thanks for sharing this great information. It is so important to know all of the various symptoms and also all the great resources that exist. It is great how you pointed out the interconnectedness of the various body systems, and I am glad you are writing on this important topic.

    1. Hello, Bryce

      I thank you for reading and commenting on my article on Mental Health Issues,
      I just wanted my readers to understand mental health issues are common when
      you have autoimmune diseases


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