What Is COVID 19 About

What Is COVID 19 About

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What is COVID 19 about is going to provide you with as much important information I can find, and how many of you are feeling you are living in a sci-fi movie right now? I never expected such an experience to happen in my lifetime, so now that it has happened what can we do about it?


What Is A Virus

How many of the average people in this world even understand what a virus really is, and we have heard of these our entire life, but how much do we really understand what they really are?


Wikipedia explains a virus as a microscopic infectious agent that replicates only inside of the living cells of an organism, and viruses can affect all types of life forms. This includes animals, plants, and microorganisms, including bacteria and archaea.


So in plain English, the COVID-19 enters your body and affects the living cells in your respiratory system.  The virus is spread from the air when someone infected coughs or sneezes, but it also can be spread from your saliva or discharge from your nose.


What Causes Viruses

Did you ever wonder where do our viruses come from, I have wondered this for years, but until the COVID-19 I never really researched them?  so I found this information for you from the website Science American, and they are saying that the majority of many of the new viruses are more likely originated in insects many billions of years ago. Their theory is that during evolution developed the ability to develop in insect species,  and this occurred more likely by them interacting with them or fed from them.


Read More By Visiting Science American



what is covid 19 about


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How Did COVID-19 Start Affecting People

Since viruses according to Science American originates from insects billion of years ago, I am asking myself how did this particular virus start affecting humans? So here is what The Conversation website has to say about this, so keep reading on to find out how we became victims of the COVID-19 according to their theory.

The first point The Conversation website makes clear that it’s very rare for a virus to be transmitted from one species to another species, so here is what has to happen for this to occur.

The first thing that must happen is an infection to occur in the new species, and this new species would be us. So the infection must be able to replicate itself in a person, and what makes this rare is the majority of viruses can only infect specific types of cells. With the COVID-19 this cell is in our respiratory system, so this particular virus can only attach itself to the cells in the lungs of our respiratory system.  If it is not able to attach to our lung cells it will be unable to replicate itself, and if this happens we will not become infected with the virus.


Read This In More Detail On The Conversation


Is Wearing A Mask Going To Protect You

As I see it wearing a mask is a safety precaution to help from being infected, but there is no evidence to prove you are not going to be infected simply by wearing a mask in public.  Being safe rather than sorry fits the case very well, so even though a mask does not guarantee you to be safe, you are not going to lose anything by wearing a mask.  In fact, you are putting yourself into more chances of being infected by not wearing a mask, but what gets me is if air can get through the mask, what is stopping the virus from doing the same thing?


what is covid 19 about
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As many of you more likely are aware of there is no vaccine for the COVID-19 at this time, and the only real protection we have is to be able to keep from being infected. So wearing a mask over your nose and your mouth is a safety precaution when in social situations, and they recommend you do your best to stay about 6 feet from other people as much as possible.


What About Our Food

I have been concerned can I become infected by my mail or by my food, you know how many people might have handled both of these before you. Medical professionals claim there is no evidence you can become infected by either of these, but I suggest you wash your hands right after handling your mail and your groceries after coming home.


Household Safety Tips

You can mix your own bleach recipe to disinfect your home simply with regular household bleach you can purchase at your local stores, You just add 1/3 of a cup of household bleach per one gallon of water, and this is a very budget-friendly recipe anyone can afford.

You can expect the virus to remain on any surfaces of your home between several hours to several days, so now it is more important than ever to use this bleach disinfectant recipe on your home surfaces regularly.

You could possibly become infected by touching a surface with this virus, and the most common way would be after touching the surface to touch your mouth or nose area. So this is how it is believed we become infected through the mouth and nose, but there is a possibility you could become infected from your eyes as well. Your mouth and nose is your prime location to protect yourself, and I have seen many people only covering their mouth which is not going to really protect them. It makes little sense to wear a mask if you are not going to cover your nose, and I know how it feels not being able to breathe while wearing one of those masks.

Even though it is recommended children stay indoors, I find this almost impossible to do. With the children, all home from school parents are going to go crazy keeping them indoors, and how do you tell your children they are not allowed to play outside and visit their friends? Children going from each other’s homes is a risk for sure, but how do you prevent your children from playing with their friends?

Bleach and alcohol-based cleaning products are the only disinfectants known to be able to use to fight against the virus in your home, so as scary as this is we must do our best to keep our homes as clean as possible especially your kitchen counters. I wonder what about the natural disinfectant cleaners, I just wonder if they are a better choice than bleach and alcohol?


Summer & The COVID-19 Virus

Even though there are some rumors around that the virus will disappear when the summer heat arrives, I tend to disbelieve this theory. The reason I disbelieve this theory is there are countries being infected during their hottest season, so in my mind, this theory does not really hold water. The theory is the heat weakens the virus, but there is not enough knowledge about the COVID-19 virus to know what is going to happen when the summer heat arrives in the United States at this time.

The World Health Organization tends to agree with me that this virus may never go away, you can read this article published by BBC  if you are interested in reading more about this virus may never go completely away.


Corona Virus May Never Go Way



what is covid 19 about
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What Can You Do

Even though the medical professionals are still recommending people stay at home as much as possible, you know as well as I do that isn’t going to be possible for the long-term.  Right now more people are working from home, and I look for more people to be forced to find ways to earn money from home.  How are families going to survive if this virus does not go away, and as for a vaccine there is not much hope seeing one in the near future?

Stay home as much as you can is like hiding from the virus, and how long can we play hide and seek?  Sooner or later if things remain the same how many more of us are going to be infected by the virus, so only time will tell what happens in the near future.

People are going to start, if not already beginning to experiencing mental health issues from isolation, we just are not able to live a healthy life isolating from the people we love.

Medical professionals recommend you using hand sanitizer regularly throughout your day, but I often wonder is using this product so often really healthy for us? What exactly is in hand sanitizers, and could they just be another chemical-loaded product that could cause us more health problems?

Keeping your home surfaces clean is the last recommendation from medical professionals, so the way I see it they know as much about the COVID-19 virus as we do with only recommending us commonsense solutions to prevent being infected.

There is no doubt in my mind the COVID-19 is winning, so when has the human race ever experienced such possibilities something we can’t see or touch could eventually end the world as we know it today?


Homemade Hand Sanitizer Spray Recipe

2-ounce spray bottle

5 drops vitamin E oil

3 tablespoons witch hazel with aloe vera, vodka

5 drops lemon essential oil

5 drop orange essential oil

5 drops tea tree essential oil


Of course, this recipe has never been tested against COVID-19, but if you are not comfortable using hand sanitizer like me, this is an alternative solution without any guarantees.


 Hand Sanitizer Spray Recipe Step By Step Instructions


What To Look For

In the beginning, the symptoms were suggested to be much like any other virus, but as more people have become infected it is now known that everyone does not experience the very same symptoms. So here is an update on what to look for, and parents keep close tabs on your children is more important than ever right now.


Shortness of breath




Muscle pain


Sore throat

Loss of taste & smell


These are some of the most common symptoms to look out for, but other symptoms could be the following.


Trouble breathing

Persistent pain

Chest pressure


Inability to arouse

Bluish lips & face


Better to be safe than sorry if your child starts to complain or develop any of these symptoms seek medical attention immediately, you don’t want to wait before getting treatment with the COVID-19 virus.


what is covid 19 about
Recommended For People Who Are Not Able To Walk For Exercise


Autoimmune Disease & COVID-19 Virus

Since medical professionals don’t know enough about this at this time they can’t predict if this could end up on the autoimmune disease list in the future, but at this time they do warn anyone with autoimmune diseases are at high-risk for being infected. So if you are like me, and are living with autoimmune diseases you want to be extra careful, and I do recommend you take the following vitamins to strengthen your immune system.

Vitamin D

Vitamin C

Vitamin E

Vitamin A

Folate/ Folic Acid





These vitamins and minerals are recommended by The Cleveland Clinic for a healthy immune system, and even though these will not guarantee you to be able to fight off the COVID-19, you will have a better chance by adding these to your diet plan


What Is COVID-19 About

I am going to wrap up this article on COVID-19, and I do hope you found plenty of information that will help you protect yourself better. It is scary when the medical professionals and the best scientists in the world can’t tell us what to do, but we must have faith everything will work out for the best eventually. For now, all we can do is take the best care of our health as possible, and I thank you for reading this article on Autoimmune Disease Community.



















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34 thoughts on “What Is COVID 19 About

  1. Very informative post, and topical especially in the current circumstances. This is really life-saving information, particularly for the immunocompromised community.

    The masks are certainly a contentious topic, don’t wear them properly and you could be elevating the risk instead of reducing it.

    Thanks for the housekeeping tips, I’ve been going around sanitising everywhere recently. Hopefully the prevalence of the coronavirus drops soon.

    1. Hello, Sharon

      I am always happy to hear from you, and I hope you are doing well. COVID 19 is nothing to take lightly, but I am afraid many people are not taking it seriously enough


    1. Hello, Trinity

      I am happy the homemade hand sanitizer recipes was interesting enough for you to keep it on hand,
      and the way things are going we just never know when we will need to make our own recipe


  2. Thank you for all of your thoughts on this ongoing pandemic. I agree with many of your points, as well as the uncertainty you express around certain things, like summer.

    I especially appreciate your thoughts on children! We have two small ones, and believe it or not, it’s very easy for them to stay indoors. They have Playstation and YouTube to clutter their brains so that they’re not really thinking about playing outside or missing their friends. It’s horrible. These kids were already terribly addicted to online games and now it’s gotten worse since they’ve not been able to be outside and play like normal humans should. We’re at the point now where we’re going to have to snap them out of their electronic spell before it’s too late. I already know that there’s going to be a lot of crying, but it has to be done.

    Whew, thank you for letting me vent, lol. Anyway, I appreciate your comprehensive view on all of this, including the hand sanitizer! I don’t like the ones that are sold in drugstores so I will give your recipe a try. It sounds like it smells fantastic!

    Take care and stay well!

    1. Hello, Kris

      I am happy to hear your little ones are doing well under the circumstances, I think the older the children the more difficult to keep them indoors.


  3. Interesting article. I’m trying my best to keep things clean, wash hands often etc. But, at the same time I don’t want to overdue it as too much washing and sanitizing can lower our immune system too. Thanks for the DIY hand sanitizer recipe. I’m going to give that a try!

    1. Hello, Carla

      I understand and agree with your point completely, and the store-bought products scare me using them too often with chemicals in them instead of natural ingredients


  4. I have learnt about something new, which is about the origin of viruses. thanks for this information as well as giving us guidelines to protect ourselves from Covid-19.

    1. Hello, Renz

      I also learned a great deal about viruses I never knew from writing this article, and I always try to answer questions that are on my mind hoping it answers the questions on my readers minds as well


  5. This is very important information at the moment. It’s good to hear the virus is in decline, but we need to remain vigilant.

    This post serves as an all in one for those which need to know more.

    Thanks for that, it’s very helpful.

    Take care.

    1. Hello, L J Kudos

      I thank you for reading and commenting on my article, I do hope you learned some new information to help you cope under this crazy situation


  6. Thank you for sharing such detailed info about Covid-19. I especially liked the part about how the Vitamins and Minerals you mentioned help keep your immune system strong. What services does the VIP doctor give ?

    1. Hello, Mohammed

      I thank you for reading my article, and the VIP Doctor services just about all the general health problems your family might experience and even better your family receive discounts on your pharmacy medications


  7. Have you heard about the lama who recovered from Saars and now COVID? This is exciting news because they now believe they can test his blood and detriment exactly what white blood cell delt with the COVID. This will take some time but it is a leap in the right direction. Thank you for sharing

    1. Hello, Eco

      Thank you very much for sharing this news with my readers and myself, and let’s hope this helps medical professionals understand this virus much better in the near future


  8. Thank you for your article in explaining what a virus is so we have a better understanding of the coronarivus.

    I also like your safety solution preventatives, especially the home remedies, how to make hand sanitizer, the legXercise, and the importance of maintaining our immunity.

    The best of success to you.

    1. Hello, Joanie

      I thank you for your kind words about my article, I really did a lot of research to provide as much information to you and my other readers as I possibly could find


    1. Hello, Melissa

      I am happy to hear you have used the homemade hand sanitizers in the past, I do feel using the store-bought products too often could not be healthy for us


  9. Got some interesting information in this article Jeff. Couldn’t agree more with what you said about covid 19 and summer. What I thought also was that heat kills the virus. But this is not that true. As you said, a lot of countries have been affected even though it is during summer. Well, all I can wish you and everyone else reading this comment is stay safe. Together we can end this virus!

    1. Hello, Adam

      I thank you for visiting Autoimmune Disease Community and commenting, I am sure your opinion is very much interesting to my other readers


  10. This is a great, relevant article. I think a lot of people are mostly scared of the virus because of what they don’t know. You provided a lots of powerful insight that will hopefully relieve people of the grief of the unknown. I especially enjoyed the household safety tips, because those are things everyone needs to know as we work towards normal life again. Great work!

    1. Hello, Joseph

      I appreciate your kind words in this article, and I do my very best to provide as much information to help my readers as I am able to in every article.


  11. Very informative article about covid 19. I really do hope this does not become the new normal. If people would just follow the rules and guidelines to prevent spreading we might be able to kill the virus as the virus does not have a long time to live in the open. It usually dies within 12 hours if it gets in contact with clothing or steel and such. We all need to work together to let this virus die. Great health tips. Liked the post.

    1. Hello, Chantelle

      I agree with you completely our best strategy is to prevent the virus from living on and on through spreading from person to person, and so let’s hope we are doing the right things to make this happen so we can get back to a normal life once again


  12. Thanks for the insight. It’s interesting that viruses could originate from insects ranging from billions of years ago. It’s also a reminder that humankind shouldn’t tamper with nature, the way that we did.

    Hope we all overcome the pandemic soon.

    1. Hello, Kenny
      We all must pray and be as careful as possible until this hopefully comes to an end, and I do agree we have tampered way too much with nature and one day we are going to end up killing off ourselves if we don’t be more careful


  13. Hi Jeff,

    Thank you for this well-written article.

    I see in your hand sanitizer recipe, you don’t recommend to use rubbing alcohol other than witch hazel that contains aloe vera and vodka. Do you think the homemade sanitizer effective to kill viruses and bacteria?

    1. Hello, Ferra

      I thank you for reading my article, and your questions are something we don’t know. I have wondered the same thing myself if homemade hand sanitizer recipes would be effective against this virus, and at this time no one really knows.


  14. Hi, Good article!
    I couldn’t agree more that no-one really knows how to fight this pandemic. I think that you’re on to something here. I truly believe that the best way to fight this is to be as healthy as possible and stock up on those vitamins to protect ourselves. We must try to protect the ones we love by following protocols until this is managed better. I don’t like wearing masks either and using hand sanitizers . They have too many solvents in them that affects our endocrine system. Good natural recipe; I’ll try it out. Thanks for great reference material. I appreciate your thorough research into this article. Blessings to you and your family. Stay safe! 😊

    1. Hello, Lili

      I really appreciate you taking the time to read and comment on my article, and sadly there are too many unknowns about this virus even the medical professionals are not sure how to handle this situation.


  15. Hi Jeff,

    I’m in complete agreement with you on the “summer factor”.

    I’ve heard the rumours claiming that the summer and a warmer season may rid us of this terrible virus.

    However, this just didn’t make sense to me considering the number of cases (and indeed deaths) there have been in countries that have an all year round tropical climate.

    Also some great tips around household measures we can take and once again I totally agree about keeping our immune system boosted.


    1. Hello, Partha

      I appreciate you sharing your opinion on the COVID 19 virus,
      I see it as we are going to have to take it one day at a time


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