shop where it matters

Shop Where It Matters

Together, we’ve raised more than $60 million for people, pets, and the planet and invested more than $50 million in artisan and fair trade purchases to create economic opportunity at home and around the world. Let’s do more. Through shopping, daily free clicks, donations, and more — small actions make a big impact.

Helping People

Poverty, illness, and trauma affect people in every U.S. state, and in every nation around the world. Simple actions help real people survive and prosper in spite of tragedy. You can help.

Helping Pets

Our pets are our best friends, but some are still fighting to survive on the streets, or waiting in shelters for a family of their own. Working together, we can change their lives forever.

Helping the Planet

Our environment is facing unprecedented threats, including deforestation, pollution, and climate change. But hope is not lost. Our actions have the power to save the the only world we have.

Together We Change The World

Whether it’s employing skilled artisans, caring for injured pets, or protecting millions of acres of vital habitat, we’re constantly working to change the world. Here are a few more ways we’re making an impact.