Puritan Pride Vitamins Official Site

Puritan Pride Vitamins Official Site

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You might be surprised I am writing an article about Puritan Pride vitamins official site, and the reason I chose this topic is to help you to save money. Everyone living with any type of health problem is in need to stretch their budget, and as I know from my own experience health expenses are often causing many of us to get into deep credit card debt.

Ways To Save Money On Health Care 

I understand too well how it is to struggle to make ends meet with high health expenses, so my intention of this article is to focus on how we can save money. With more people in need of vitamins and supplements, the prices have increased dramatically, so one way we can save money is by finding the best deals on these products as a first step. Now I am going to share some other tips from Medline Plus Gov.


I am one who will refuse any medications I feel I can live without, but even I must take some prescription drugs for my autoimmune disease symptoms. So what are some ways we can stretch our budget?

Go generic whenever possible

Request another medicine that Is less expensive

Ordering through the mail

Order at Puritan Pride


One thing you never want to do is go without your prescriptions, I have done this in the past due to no money but I really did pay the price in other ways.


puritan pride vitamins official site
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How To Manage Your Symptoms More Effectively

Over the years I have learned taking extra care of myself has helped me manage my symptoms more effectively, you can contact your health insurance and take advantage of any programs just like I did. I also found there are programs provided by organizations as well, so I am going to share some of them below.

Free Gym Memberships Seniors

YMCA  Low Income Membership Application

Over-The-Counter Product Programs

Regular Health Screenings

Health Advocates

Health Managers

Medical Transportation Programs

Free Medical Assistance Programs


Before I get into these any further feel free to read Eight Ways To Cut Your Health Care Costs by Medline Plus Gov for more information.


Free Gym Membership

There is a program my insurance company provides and yours might as well,  and this is known by the Silver Sneakers Program Seniors. Imagine you can have unlimited gym access and not pay anything, so if you are 55 years old or older this might be something you want to check if your health insurance provides you.

17,000 plus locations

70 plus fitness classes

Check if Silver Sneakers is a part of your Medicare plan

Create your account and download your membership card

Find the nearest location and join the gym

YMCA also accept Silver Sneakers as well


If I was you I would check with your Medicare plan and get started as soon as possible, I have found this to be one of my most effective coping skills for my physical and my mental health management plan.


YMCA Low-Income Membership Program

Just in case your Medicare plan does not cover the free gym membership you still have another option, I have helped many people receive free and discount memberships through the YMCA where I live. This goes by your income and your living expenses, and I don’t know anyone with autoimmune disease who has even been turned down.

Go to the YMCA assistance website

Download the application

Email the filled out form and proof of your income

You will be notified either by email or by mail


Before I was 55 years old I just would go to my local YMCA and pick up an application in person, I then would fill it out and get copies of my income and drop it off in person.


Free Medical Assistance Programs

None of us looks forward to having to apply for medical assistance, but when we are living with chronic health problems sometimes we just don’t have a choice. This program does provide you with free health care services, so if you are in need don’t be too proud to apply.

You can apply online by  using Compass, and many other services

Apply by phone 1-866-550-4355

In-person at your local Country Assistance Office

You can even download an application  and mail it to your local County Assistance Office


If this is something you are in need to do, you can learn more about this program and download the application on the Medical Assistance website.


puritan pride vitamins official site
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Puritan Pride Vitamins Official Site

I have been purchasing my vitamins and supplements from Puritan Pride for many years, and even though my health insurance does provide me an allowance with over-the-counter health products,  I am not able to get all my needs through this program. So I still order from them regularly, and I am going to tell you why.

Buy 1 Get 2 Free

Buy 2 Get 4 Free


This is the main reason I order from Puritan Pride over any other vitamin and supplement company, I save money by ordering through them with their buy and get free bargain deals.










Another thing I really love about this company is I can shop by health categories as well, so if I am in need of a product to help me sleep I can just check their products for sleep which saves me time shopping.

Blood sugar support

Brain health










So now you know why I choose to order my health products from Puritan Pride Vitamins Official Site, and I hope this will save you money as much as it does me. I can really stock up on the products that my health insurance over-the-counter program does not provide me, and this does not come close to covering all the products they provide.















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10 thoughts on “Puritan Pride Vitamins Official Site

  1. Hi Jeff. Thank you for sharing! Yes, their buy and get free bargain deals is really attractive. I have seen buy 2 get 1 free but buy 1 get 2 free never!

    I have just visit the site of Puritan Pride Vitamins Official Site to check whether they deliver to Singapore and to my surprise it not only selling in Singapore but alot of media are promoting it!

    1. Hello, Janet

      That is great news that Puritan Pride is available in Singapore, and even being promoted surprises me as well.
      I have not found any better deals than from Puritan Pride, and that is why I shared this with all of you


  2. Thanks for the information!
    It´s always good to know if you can spend a little less withoug having to much of an downside in quality for your medication. Are there any products you use on a daily basis that you think are important for overall health?

    1. Hello, Thimo

      I suggest everyone is tested to see if their body lacks any vitamins, you can be tested with simple blood work.
      The majority of people in the USA are deficient with vitamin D & B12, so those are two I suggest you consult your
      the physician to check first.


  3. Well, Jeff, a lot of work went into this lovely website useful health issues that you have commented here with all these different articles and products can help.
    The free gym membership is really cool 17000 + locations really on fire what great info you have here and much more.

    Thanks very much

    1. Hello, Tommy

      I thank you for your kind comments on this article, I did put a lot of thought
      into this article from my own experience to share with you and my other readers.


  4. This actually a great idea. My parents have been looking for some guidance towards. Staying healthy and getting involved in an health program. I would recommend this to them.

    1. Hello Lao

      I am very happy this article has been helpful to you and possibly your parents,
      and this website is all about supporting and providing information to help my readers
      to manage their health.


  5. Hi Jeff,

    That insurance policy you have seems like a dream. If only mine included it too!

    As for the puritan pride site, it certainly looks like a winning formula and a credible site. Thanks for posting and sharing this – I don’t currently have a good resource for purchasing supplements, so I’ll be looking further into this one.

    1. Hello, Sharon

      I am sorry your health insurance does not provide the benefits mine does, but you can stretch your budget by purchasing
      from Puritan Pride with their awesome deals.


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