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My Health Online Sutter Health

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You might be wondering what is My Health Online Sutter Health, and if that is true this is the community to learn all about it and what it can do for you. Autoimmune Disease Community is an online support group, and any links that are affiliate links I do earn a very small commission from any purchases you might make, and I use these to help me keep this website up and running for you. This is a personal website to help other people living with autoimmune disease and chronic health problems, so the main intention I have is providing you the most information that can help you.


What Motivated Me To Start Autoimmune Disease Community

I am a very honest and generous person for real, and you ask anyone who knows me will tell you I give much more than I receive. Some people start websites to earn extra money, and some to earn an income. This community was not started for either of those reasons, I started this support group to help people just like you. I have been living with health problems my entire life, so I know how it is to struggle from day to day. This is my dream to be able to help others struggling, and I don’t mind one bit if you never purchase one product from this community. This is all about YOU, and I am taking the time from my real business to provide the information and support to help as many of you as I possibly can.  Every product available to you on this support group I believe from my heart can help some of you, and it is totally up to you to decide if any of these products can benefit you and your health symptoms. Even if I never earn a dollar, I am dedicated to providing my readers with the best information and programs, and again any commission I earn is only to help me keep this support group up and running for my readers.


What Is My Health Onlne

I have never heard of this program before accidentally finding it while researching an article for my business Mentoring with Jeff, and the first thing that came to my mind as I read about this was how it might help my readers on Autoimmune Disease Community. So for those of you reading this and interested, I am going to share with you what this program is and what it can do for you.

You can make appointments and order refills on your prescriptions with this program, you can even keep an updated personal health profile. The appointment I am referring to is for GP surgeries. Every GP surgery is not linked to My Health Online, so you will need to check on this. This organization is located in Northern California, and so are there medical facilities and hospitals.



What Is GP Surgeries

You might know this by the term general practitioners, you will find these are family physicians with only a handful of medical staff.  These physicians generally perform minor surgeries, prescribe prescriptions, and sometimes even perform emergency surgery for their patients. They are self-employed with their own private practice, and in my opinion, they care more about their patients than their money.


GP And Physicians

General practitioners are often referred to as doctors instead of being a physician, and the main difference between the two is a general practitioner has a wider range of training, and a physician usually is more specialized in a specific field. So if your GP refers you to a specialist, you are being referred to a physician. Now you should understand better what is general practitioners, and what is physicians.


What Is Sutter Health

Sutter Health Online is an organization that is connected to more than one million patients, you are able to stay connected to your doctors and your medical records at any time through this organization.  For those of you interested, I have listed below some more benefits you receive from Sutter Health.

In-Person Appointments (Temporary Unavailable Due COVID-19)

Non-Urgent Video Appointments

Able to Message your Care Team

View your Lab & Most Test Results

Access your Health Records Securely

Text Reminders Available


Learn More About Sutter Health Organization


How To Apply

You can apply to My Sutter Health online and by mail or by fax, so you have several options to choose from to apply with this organization. Here are a few things to help you get started, and I listed them below for you.

Are you 18 years or older

Complete enrollment from download form

Fill out the form and be sure to sign before submitting to Sutter Health

Mail or fax if preferred

Check your computer browser requirements


So this is the basic guide to enroll with this organization, and in my opinion, I would apply if this would benefit you. The worse thing that could happen is your don’t qualify, but you will never know unless you give it a try.


my health online sutter health
BrowseHeron Health News Provides Articles That You Can Learn From


Does Sutter Health Accept Health Insurance

This organization does accept some health insurance, so I have listed below the insurance plans they cover for your convenience.

Blue Shield

HMO Plans


You will be happy to hear that Sutter Health has the highest rank possible in nine procedures or conditions, and there is more impressive information you will love to know so keep reading this article to find out more.


Impressive Stats You Want To Read

24 hospitals

36 surgery centers

5500 plus physician’s

12 billion dollars plus annual revenue

958 net income in 2018


I would say you are well provided by being a patient of this organization, so it is well worth your time to apply to see if you are eligible.


COVID-19 Resources

You can access Sutter Health’s COVID-19 resources online to learn about updates on this virus affecting our lives, you can receive advice by calling the number below.


Daily video visits available and they even provide a COVID-19 screener online, you can receive an assessment from your symptoms and what you are advised you should do.

Learn about COVID-19





Transplant patients

Patient information

Visitor information

Universal masking




Visit Sutten Health Online For Information On Any Of The Topics Above


Browse Autoimmune Disease Community Shop Page

Online Medical Care Organization Recommends

You can see below the health services Medical Care recommends in their article the 10 Best Online Doctor & Medical Services, and for more information on each of these, I recommend you visit their website and read their article.

Steady MD

MD Live


LiveHealth Online


Doctor On Demand


First Opinion


American Well


These are what this organization recommends, and I am proud to recommend my own choice as well, and I am a big fan of VIP Doctor On Demand. So if you are interested in checking my recommendation out, you can by using the link below that will take you to my menu with more information.


VIP Doctor On Demand


My Health Online Sutter Health

I really do hope learning about this organization helps you or someone you know, and even if this program is not for you. At least you know there are organizations like this in the world today who truly care about people, and I will keep doing my best to find more to share with you in future articles. Autoimmune Disease Community is all about helping you with assistance programs, organizations, and high-quality products that are going to benefit you. I would love to hear from you, so don’t be shy about leaving me a comment, just so I know how I am doing with your support group community.


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12 thoughts on “My Health Online Sutter Health

    1. Hello, Thabo

      I do hope my community will in time be helping more people with chronic health problems, and I plan to support everyone the best that I can.

      Thank you for visiting my community

  1. So I have never really had health issues, but holly cow this tool would be so helpful for my wife. Her dr has something similar but not as good as this. Excellent program that they have set up. Shout out to the creators of it.

    1. Hello, AJ

      This program and tool has very high ratings, and in fact, they are at the top of the list of organizations helping people


    1. Hello, Chantelle

      You asked good questions, I searched their website high and low when writing this article and I could not find anything that stated this program is only for those living in the state of California. This is a non-profit organization, you just are required to have the insurance they accept.


  2. Hi Jeff. What a thoughtful and selfless post. You should be very proud of your post and your site. I think it’s amazing when you come across pages of people who aren’t interested in financial gain but to help others. Keep up the good work.

    1. Hello, Russ

      I do thank you for your kind words, and this is a personal website to help people who are living with chronic health problems. I am going to do my best to provide all the support for my readers that I possibly can, and I do know how my readers are struggling I also struggle at times with autoimmune diseases.


  3. Thank you for this information, my brother and sister in law were both diagnosed with Autoimmune Disease. I will tell them about your website, I hope you can make their life and a lot more peoples lives easier.

    1. Hello, Nataliya

      I am sorry to hear about your brother and your sister-in-law, I just can imagine how difficult it must be for both of them living with autoimmune disease.

      Thank you

  4. I think you’re providing some really valuable information for people. My Online Sutter Health sounds like it could really be of help to people. Keep up the good work!

    1. Hello, Martine

      I am personally on a quest to help as many people as I possibly can, so I am on the search for all the information and programs that can assist my readers financially and emotionally living with autoimmune disease.

      Take care

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