Independent Living Community Seniors

Independent Living Community Seniors

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Independent living community seniors are all about how the majority of us struggle as we age, and it is a fact that the majority of people by the time they retire are living with at least some autoimmune diseases. So what are our options, how can we remain independent when our health is starting to control our everyday routine.  I am 61 years old struggling right now myself to manage my home and outdoor chores, so I am seriously considering moving to a senior community at this time. I am not alone with this experience, and you also might be in need of making some changes to be able to cope better with your own limitations as you age.


Accepting Your Limitations

The most difficult thing for me when I first started experiencing health decline was acceptance, you see the reason this was such an emotional time for me was I was only 35 years old. I really put an extreme effort my entire life to live as healthy as I possibly could, so when this hit me overnight I became overwhelmed and of course depression set in. When your health starts to decline naturally the way it does for people without autoimmune disease, it is not nearly as overwhelming, but when it hits you at a very young age almost overnight, it really can destroy the rest of your life. So how do we accept our limitations as we age, and here are some methods to help anyone in need.

  • I am extremely grateful I am still able to walk on my own two feet, so one of the ways I finally learned to accept my limitations was to be grateful for what I could do, and not what I couldn’t do anymore.
  • Many people especially men find it difficult to share their emotional feelings from their losses, and for me, I had no one I really could share my feelings with, so talking with a counselor was my next step to acceptance. If you attend a church this is a very good place to receive counseling, and many people feel better with this type of counseling than any other type.
  • For many years I tried to change my situation by pushing myself with exercise, and in the past, this was my best coping skill. I did find out the hard way this was not going to work any longer, and men especially will resist accepting they can’t change their situation. By pushing myself physically I was actually doing myself more harm than good, and this only increased my symptoms both physically and emotionally. Until I found new ways to cope with my life I was miserable, so finding new coping skills that are positive are another important step you need to learn.
  • Self-help books were an important part of my adjusting to my new life, I developed this natural negative attitude which I was not even aware I had. I started reading self-help books still trying to fix my problems and this one book changed my life. I read this book about how to change your negative thoughts to positive thoughts, and by catching myself when I was thinking negatively and replacing my thoughts with positive ones I actually did change my life.
  • This was the most difficult change I made to adjust to my limitations, and that was to be able to accept I had to let things go until tomorrow. You see most of us with autoimmune diseases have good days and bad days, but I really found it hard to rest more and do less on my bad days. Learning to let things go until tomorrow or another day is another important step, so these were the main ways I slowly and painfully started to accept this was the life I had to live from now on.


If you are finding it difficult to accept your limitations as I did, you should add the steps above to get yourself starting to accept the things you can’t change. If you are interested in learning more about aging well, I recommend you visit the website Help Guide for more tips, and this article is for anyone to stay healthy no matter your age. This is not an article focusing on people with autoimmune disease, I just wanted you to know that before you visit their website.




independent living community senors
How Do You See This Glass Half Empty or Half Full 


Are You Ready For Making The Change

I am experiencing this is one of the most important decisions I need to make, and I love living on my own with a yard to plant my flower and vegetable gardens. Even as much as I love this hobby, I have not been able to do either to any extent, and I am struggling just to keep the house and the yard maintained. So I have compromised by accepting this, and now I am pursuing my hobby with indoor gardening instead. As for the home chores, I am just doing whatever ones I can each day, and leaving the rest go for another day. This is so unlike me, but as the years have gone by, I have learned this is the way I must live.  Many people will be having similar experiences as they age, so this article will benefit everyone who might need to make this decision one day. For anyone interested I joined this generous family business opportunity to receive one free plant by mail per month, and even though I do have to pay for shipping costs of $7.95, you will not be disappointed in the plants you receive. This is like a surprise Christmas gift every month coming in my mail, and even though I have no choice of plants I have had amazing success with every one of them so far. I just thought I would share this opportunity for anyone who might be interested, and this is not an affiliate link.


What Is Independent Living

There is a difference between an independent living senior community and an assisted senior community, and the main difference is one you are able to live without needing assistance, and the other you do require some assistance to live on your own. As for me, I know if I downsized from a house to a smaller residence I could manage without needing any help. So that is the reason I am interested in this type, but in the future, I might need to go with an assisted living community or even a nursing home. So are you starting to understand the difference between all three of these choices, and one other choice I have to consider is a low-income apartment building? The apartment building would be my last choice at this time, and so I am not really considering this as an option unless I end up with no other choice.


How About Medicare

Many of you might be wondering would Medicare assist in moving to one of these communities, and the answer is not in a million years. So now we must consider what is the cost going to be, and this depends on the senior independent community. The average cost according to Elmcroft is between $1500.00 and $6,000 per month, but if you are living on a low fixed income you do have other options. The first thing you can do is do a search to find the independent communities near you, and you can do this by using the search tool. 

  • Medicaid
  • Low-Income Housing Programs


Senior Living Assistance

With many senior citizens today living on a low fixed-income they often are able to receive assistance, so Medicaid is one place you can check to see if they will provide you any type of assistance. Another option is the low-income housing programs where you live, so these are two places that are good places to begin checking into. There is an organization that provides family services you also could check into, and here is a little information about them.

  • Child care
  • Senior care
  • Pet care
  • Housekeeping
  • Nanny taxes
  • Benefit programs
  • Online classes for kids
  • COVID resources
  • Advice
  • Help
  • Caregiver jobs is the world’s largest online destination for care. We connect families with caregivers and caring companies to help you be there for the ones you love.

This organization does not employ any care provider or care seeker nor is it responsible for the conduct of any care provider or care seeker. They provide information and tools to help care seekers and care providers connect and make informed decisions. However, each individual is solely responsible for selecting an appropriate care provider or care seeker for themselves or their families and for complying with all applicable laws in connection with any employment relationship they establish. The information contained in member profiles, job posts, and applications are supplied by care providers and care seekers themselves and is not information generated or verified. They do not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment or engage in any conduct that requires a professional license.


independent living community seniors
This is an organization I recommend families keep handy in case they ever need them


What Are The Benefits Of Senior Independent Living

Basically, these are places where you can live on your own to remain active and independent. You will be living in a community of people near your own age, and this will benefit you to make new friends. I am not ready for a nursing home, so this sounds to be just what I need. For anyone who just can’t maintain a house and a yard, this is the perfect solution.

  • Beauty saloons
  • Barger shops
  • Community activities
  • Transportation
  • Game rooms
  • Golf course
  • Healthcare center
  • Private rental halls
  • Laundry service
  • Restaurant-style dining area
  • Secure & safe
  • Fitness center
  • Swimming pool


Of course, every senior community will not be able to provide all of these benefits. So depending on what you are in need of and interested in you will have to shop around. You will be on a waiting list most of the time, so you should get your application in as soon as possible. Interested in knowing more about Senior Living Communities, you can read their entire article Selecting An Independent Living Community to learn more.


Independent Living Community Seniors

This article as you can tell is partly from my own experience of in need to downsize, I just am not able to manage the home and yard chores as well as I used to. So it just feels it is time to start considering my options, and once I find the right community I plan to apply as soon as possible. I know it will be a while before it’s my turn to move into the community, so the sooner I take the first step and apply the sooner the better. So as difficult as it is for us to give up our home, we are much better to make the decision while we can still be active and independent in a senior living community. Thank you for reading my article, and I hope some of the information and resources are helpful to you.








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8 thoughts on “Independent Living Community Seniors

  1. Hi
    great article
    more relevant to your area in some details, but definitely it can apply to other countries.
    i should mention that in our country, the costs may come up to more than 5000 $ per month, a price which most people cannot handle.
    agree with the benefits, which are not that much available in our country

    1. Hello, faresd

      It is a shame more countries don’t provide independent living communities for seniors,
      but many other countries take in the elderly to live with them which is rarely done
      in the USA today like in the past


  2. This article is a particularly useful read so thanks for sharing. Our family has recently been discussing options for my mother actually as she is getting to the point where assistance would certainly help. The independence piece as you point out though takes different forms so its a matter of finding the right fit for her. A work in progress but information like this certainly helps.

    All the best – Jason.

    1. Hello, Jason

      We must provide for our elderly the best that we can, and with the economy extremely expensive
      now this is more important than ever


  3. Hi Jeff, another great article. Accepting physical changes to our bodies can be so challenging. Our mental strength just wants to push through as we have always done. Having plants around is such a good idea for keeping our air clean. Do they provide plants that are particularly good at doing this?

    I have a friend who collects orchids and she has over 300 of them now in her tiny apartment. She has health issues too and can’t get out much. I think having these things to care for brings her many personal rewards.

    1. Hello, Catherine

      As we age hobbies become more difficult for us to do, and I am experiencing bringing my gardening indoors
      has kept me able to enjoy my passion for gardening despite my health limitations. Plants are knows to improve
      our indoor environment mentally and physically so this is a very health hobby for the elderly to pursue.


  4. This article has made me realize that I should try to live more healthier since I am still young so that by the time I get olf things are better for my body.
    I know you said you lived healthier but I also believe you are healthy it is just your body showing it is old.

    1. Hello, Thabo
      I am happy this article has you thinking of the future, and
      as we age our health does decline that is just a part of living


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