How To Boost The Immune System

How To Boost The Immune System

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Autoimmune Disease Immune Systems

How to boost the immune system is your key to staying healthy, but even more important you will experience fewer colds and viruses that increase your symptoms. People with these diseases experience an overactive system that is attacking their own bodies, and at the same time, your body lacks the ability to fight off potential bacteria such as colds and viruses. With the COVID-19 affecting the entire world right now strengthening your immune system is more important than ever, so this article is going to provide you the best ways to accomplish this naturally.


Are You Taking The Right Vitamins

Most people are naturally low on specific nutrients that they are not absorbing from their foods, so what are the best vitamins for the immune system? You really should be having regular blood work done to determine your levels that are low, so consulting your physician and setting this up if a very important first step I recommend everyone do.


Common Vitamins Most People Need To Supplement

Vitamin D and B12 are the most common ones people will test to be low on through blood work from their physician, so these are the top two most of us need to be adding. Even many people who are considered healthy today are low on Vitamin D and B12, but this can be much more serious for those of you who are living with any type of autoimmune disease.


how to boost the immune system
Most People With Autoimmune Disease Are Low On Vitamin D


Let’s Talk About Vitamin D

Our bodies are supposed to produce this vitamin naturally from the foods we consume and also from a hormone our body makes, but what does vitamin d do for the body?

  • Bone Health
  • Muscle Strength
  • Cancer Protection
  • Protects Against Heart Disease
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Immune Functioning
  • Skin Health
  • Possibly Improved Organ Functioning

The recommended dosage for healthy folks is between 600 and 800IU daily, but most of us with autoimmune dysfunctioning require usually at least 1000IU per day. Of course, you don’t know the exact dosage you need without a physician regulating your levels, so again this is very important to have regular blood work to monitor your levels.


Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms

There are symptoms that can indicate you should consult your physician to be checked on your levels on this important vitamin, so if you are experiencing any of these symptoms regularly it might be a sign you need to set up an appointment with your physician.

  • Colds & Viruses Regularly
  • Extreme Fatigue
  • Feeling Weak
  • Achy Bones & Joints
  • Unexplained Back Pain
  • Depression
  • Slow Healing
  • Low Bone Density
  • Hair Loss
  • Unexplained Muscle Pain
  • Weight Gain
  • Infections

These are some of the most important signs you might need to be checked for low vitamin D levels, and it is better to be safe than sorry when all it takes is a simple blood test.


What Are The Best Foods To  Add To Your Diet

Many of us with autoimmune disease experience food allergies and food intolerances, so this can have a dramatic impact on if we are able to add enough food that contains vitamin D in our diets or not?

  • Cod Liver Oil
  • Salmon
  • Tuna
  • Orange Juice Fortified With Vitamin D
  • Milk
  • Yogurt
  • Sardines
  • Beef Liver
  • Egg Yolks
  • Fortified Cereals
  • Swiss Cheese

As for me, I am intolerant to gluten and dairy foods, So this really limits the vitamins and nutrients I am able to receive from the foods in my diet, and I have been taking 1000IU of this vitamin for the most of my life now.


how to boost the immune system
Most Of Us With Autoimmune Are Vitamin D Deficient


What Can Cause Vitamin D Deficiency

Of course, if you experience certain autoimmune diseases you are at a risk for being deficient and more likely should supplement, but what are some of the reasons so many people are deficient might surprise you.

  • Cystic Fibrosis
  • Chrohn’s Disease
  • Celiac Disease
  • Weight Loss Surgery
  • Obesity
  • Kidney Disease
  • Liver Disease
  • Elderly Folks Produce Less Vitamin D Than Younger People
  • Lack of Exposure to the Sun
  • Darker Skin People
  • Breast Feeding Babies
  • Laxatives
  • Steroids
  • Cholesterol Medications
  • Medications for Seizures
  • Tuberculosis Drugs
  • Some Weight Loss Drugs
  • I bet you are surprised by some of the things on this list that could cause you a deficiency, and as the years have gone by I have made a pact with myself not to add any more medications unless it is a matter of life or death. Now I don’t mean you not to take any more medications, I am just sharing with you how I am living my own life now ith autoimmune diseases.
Vitamin D Supplements

Did you ever wonder are the supplements we are taking contributing to weakening our immune system by dependency, I have wondered about this lately from time to time but there is no way for us to really know the answer to this question? There are supposed to better supplements we should be taking, and here is the list provided by medical professionals.

  • Carson Labs
  • Nutrigold
  • Nature Made
  • Nature’s Way
  • Nordic Naturals
  • Now Foods
  • GNC
Certified Products

So this completes my information on vitamin D, and now let’s talk more about B12 since it is another one many of us experience low levels especially with autoimmune disease.


What About B12

Many of us also experience low levels of B12, and this might be more known by more people as being anemic. I have been anemic my entire life, but not until the past 10 years was my condition connected with low B12 levels. When you are deficient in this vitamin your body lacks enough red blood cells, and this condition causes your body not to be receiving enough oxygen to your body tissues and organs. This affects our immune systems to function properly as well and is very common among people who are living with autoimmune diseases.


B12 Deficiency

You will find the majority of people with and without immune dysfunction can experience a deficiency in B12, but some of us are at higher risks than others it is believed so are you one of the people who are at high risk?

This is only my opinion, but I really feel strongly our processed foods have contributed to our autoimmune diseases, and possibly our vitamin and mineral deficiencies as well.  The average family in the United States consumes a higher processed food diet today compared to even ten years ago, and our health has been steadily declining in our country as more processed foods become the majority of our diets.


how to boost the immune system
B12 Deficiency Is Another Vitamin People With Autoimmune Disease Often Lacks


Could You be B12 Deficient

What are the vitamin b12 deficiency symptoms to watch out for,  so here are some symptoms if you are having regularly you should consult your physician to have your levels to be checked.

  • Weakness in your Muscles
  • Numbness in your Hands
  • Feet Numbness
  • Tingling Hands
  • Feet Tingling
  • Nausea
  • Loss of your Appetite
  • Losing Weight
  • Moodiness
  • Extremely Low Energy Levels
  • Fast Heartbeat

Blood work is the only real way to diagnose if your symptoms are coming from low B12 levels known as anemia, and I am always low on energy due to this problem despite I am taking supplements daily.


B12 Diet Plan

Like vitamin D there are foods you should add to your diet to get more B12, but again some of us are very limited what we can eat and supplements are something we can’t avoid adding to our diets.

  • Orange Juice
  • Oranges
  • Romaine Lettuce
  • Spinach
  • Liver
  • Rice
  • Barley
  • Sprouts
  • Wheat Germ
  • Soy Beans
  • Green Leafy Veggies
  • Beans
  • Peanuts
  • Broccoli
  • Asparagus
  • Peas
  • Lentils

As for me, I am not able to eat several of the foods on this list, and if you have any digestive issues barley and wheat you really should avoid. I am not able to eat beans since I have had intestine damage in the past which just never completely healed, so I do suggest you pay attention to what you are putting into your body to see if it flares-up any of your symptoms.


B12 Supplements

Again there are better supplements for you to be putting into your body than others, and here is a list of the best B12 supplements recommended.

  • Now Foods
  • Nature’s Bounty
  • Seeking Health
  • Garden of Life
  • Kirkland Signature
  • Vitafushion
  • Deva Vegan
  • Mega Food Vegan

If you are like me you might have noticed the recommended supplements is a little different than Vitamin D, so that really can confuse consumers like you and me thinking all the products from one company is a high-quality supplement.  If our lives are not complicated enough with our symptoms, we now have to really research each supplement we need. Why would a company produce a high-quality vitamin D, but not B12 is beyond me?


The Number One Certified Supplement Company In The World

After seeing this difference in both of these lists I have to research another step to find out which company is the most trusted company for me to start purchasing my supplements from, and Nutrilite is considered to be the number one selling vitamin and supplement brand in the world today.


how to boost the immune system
Vitamin C Is One Of The Best Vitamins For The Immune System


Another Vitamin Important For Autoimmune

I also have added Vitamin C  since the COVID-19 virus came into our lives, and in my opinion, this is another important addition to a healthy immune system. I just take those Vitamin C drops every day, and this is an easy way to get more of this into your body. so what does vitamin C do for your body, and by the way you only need one or two vitamin c drops per day.

  • Strengthens your Immune System
  • Reduces Risks of Chronic Diseases
  • High Blood Pressure Management
  • May Lower Heart Disease Risks
  • Thought to help against Gout Attacks
  • Iron Deficiency Protection
  • Immune System Booster
  • Memory
  • Cognitive Functioning

Even though there is no proof this vitamin prevents you from getting colds and viruses, I do believe when you strengthen your immune system with this vitamin daily you are able to fight off colds and viruses more effectively. Vitamin C is the most underestimated and less used supplement of the three in this article, but possibly one of the most important ones for a stronger and healthier immune system.


How To Boost The Immune System

These three vitamins are recommended by medical experts to strengthen your immune system, but even more important vitamin d and b12 are usually deficient in people with autoimmune disease. I have a few more suggestions to improve the health of your immune system to complete this article today, so I thank you for reading this article and feel free to comment and leave me any questions.

  • Avoid Smoking Excessively
  • Alcohol in Moderation
  • Add More Fruits & Veggies to your Diet
  • Manage your Weight
  • Make Sleep a Priority
  • Anti-Inflammatory Herbs
  • Exercise in Moderation
  • Cut Back on Processed Foods & Snacks
  • Relaxation Techniques & Meditation Daily
  • Sign Up For Autoimmune Disease Community Free Publications

Autoimmune Disease Community has a Facebook group for those of you who are interested in regular resources and interacting with other people living with the autoimmune disease just like you and me.


I thank you for visiting and reading this article today,












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20 thoughts on “How To Boost The Immune System

  1. Jeff, wonderful article! I am really looking forward to receiving my Nutrilite supplements! They are all plant-based and scientifically designed to help you in the most beneficial and healthy way.

    It’s important to help boost your immune system, especially during this time, and this is an excellent way to achieve that.

    Thank you for your article!


    1. Hello, Elise

      I am happy you read and commented today,
      and Nutrilite does have the highest-quality
      and healthiest products on the market according
      to the medical experts


  2. Hello Jeff
    Is this really a coincidence, Few weeks before corona became what it is today. I was in the process of series of blood tests that infact were cut short because of the epidemic, I have been having a very strong mouth dryness that I craving ice and eating like cubes like food, I am also going through balding ( Massive hairloss) The first suspect was Diabetes which was not correct my blood level is good, then it went to Lupus which in fact my results just came in the other day as negative, I need to go back for further blood test, What I am getting from your website it could be something like just Vitamin D Deficiency. I love how you have broken all this down and readers like me don’t have to try to dig too much as the way you have listed them is just wonderful.I will keep you updated when I visit the hospital after Covid-19.

    1. Hello, Mercy

      I thank you for sharing with my other readers and me,
      you know I found out from my own experience a simple diet
      change and adding some vitamins and supplements often are
      the best medicine to get your body balance back where it
      should be.

      Keep me informed how you are doing,

  3. Hi Jeff,

    Thank you for this post. It reminds me about how important it is to take vitamin D. During this situation with Covid19, we definitely need to be active in taking care of our health. My family and I for now only take vitamin C and B12. We’ll definitely take vitamin D too! Thanks to this article.

    1. Hello, Ferra

      I am very happy to hear you and your family are doing well,
      and adding vitamin D is a good addition to vitamin C and B12
      which most of us are low on.

      Be sure to have your levels checked regularly,

  4. Wow, this is a lot of information! I have to bookmark this article as I will definitely come back to it soon.
    For now I have learned that I will add Vitamin D to my diet and am happy to notice that all the Swiss Cheese I am consuming has a healthy function there!
    Also good to know that you advise to exercise MODERATELY because I am often on the brink of exagerating. This will keep me calm and safe probably. I will rather add some meditation. Thank you so much for this useful article which will keep me informed for at least the month to come,

    1. Hello, Janie

      I thank you for reading my article today,
      and actually over-exercising causes inflammation
      in our bodies naturally and also opens us for
      getting sick with our immune system being under too
      much stress, so moderate exercise is the best with
      yoga and meditation to actually be the most beneficial
      without putting your immune system into too much stress


  5. Thanks Jeff realy helpful, I thought we got vitamin D from the sun, am I wrong ? let me know If you can

    I din’t know lack of vitamin D causes depression, do you have a supplement for that ?
    MarkD Western Australia

    1. Hello, Mark
      Our bodies do product vitamin D naturally with sunlight and our diets,
      but today many of us still are low on Vitamin D and need a supplement

      Vitamin D can be purchased almost everywhere, but if you need to order online
      check which is the highest-quality on the marketing today


  6. Wow-what a detailed and well-written article. I learned and gained so much knowledge from just one blog post. I will surely implement these tips into my daily life especially now that COVID-19 is spreading. Keep up the good work!

    1. Hello, Aminah

      This virus or whatever it might me is taking over many of our lives,
      and sadly taking many of our lives. So boosting our immune system is
      a good habit to add to your diet especially right now, I thank you
      for reading and commenting


  7. Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for the informative review.
    I was aware of Vitamin D is very good for boosting the immune system. Because we generally don’t spend as much time as we should in the sun to get this essential vitamin, I have found that it causes general body lethargy. From this review, it is easy to understand how this can rapidly translate into depression.

    1. Hello, Ceci

      You know the average person only requires about 20 minutes of direct sunlight
      to benefit, but many parts of the world now do not provide sunlight the entire
      a year like where I live in the state of Pennsylvania in the USA


  8. Hi Jeff,

    Among the symptoms i recognized some of them that i maybe experiencing now .I will make sure i check with my doctor my vitamins level .Thank you for this informative article .For the last 2 years ,i can say I didn’t focus on B12 and D vitamins .I mostly focussed on Vitamin C .Now i am going to balance it out .TThank you for reminding me Jeff.


    1. Hello Jim-Kelly

      I know very few of us are adding all three of these vitamins in our diets,
      and oddly most people add vitamin D today but often lack B12 and Vitamin C
      supplements which we need all three levels to be healthy


  9. Great post, very detailed and informative. With regards to the supplements you mentioned, what kind of strength would you recommend?

    Take care and keep up the great work

    1. Hello, Daredviper

      You really need to be tested by your physician to know what dosage you need
      in any of these vitamins, so I recommend you schedule blood work with your doctor
      to find out if you even are in need of any of these supplements


  10. Hi Jeff,

    Some really valuable information here. I’d be particularly interested in vitamin B12 and vitamin D. I feel we don’t get enough sunshine and with the foods we choose, it can be hard to adequately nourish the body. B12 has been a wonder supplement for me in the past.

    1. Hello, Sharon
      B12 is especially important for people who are vegans, and the reason is many
      of the foods that provide the most B12 are from animal products that vegans
      lack in their diets


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