Best Medicare Supplement Plans

Best Medicare Supplement Plans

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Best Medicare Supplement Plans is going to share important information about Medicare. The first thing I really need to express is don’t believe that Medicare is going to provide you all your health coverage that you are going to need, and many people are not aware of this simply because the government provides us the wrong idea. With good pensions a thing of yesterday, you are going to find most of you are going to be in need of additional health insurance to make ends meet.  so read on if this interests you to learn more, and this is important no matter what age you might be right now.


What About Medicare

It is very important everyone takes the time to research Medicare health insurance information,  You don’t want to be surprised in your senior years how much this government plan is really going to support you, and even more, you want to be prepared for your golden years. I really don’t understand this part of our lives being referred to the golden years, and the majority of people at this time in their lives are living on a fixed-income with health problems.


Golden Years

Now, let us pretend we are becoming close to our golden years, so it is time we learn more about this government insurance.  This is a federal government insurance program for people over 65 years old,  and this also is available to those of you who are living with autoimmune diseases if you are no longer able to work.  Anyone with any type of chronic health disease that prevents them from able to earn a living is entitled to these benefits, so exactly what benefits will you receive is something you really need to be aware of.  I recommend you all visit the website to learn about the changes for 2020, you can even research affordable Medicare plans on their website so this is one place I highly recommend you go for more information.


best medicare supplement plans


Understanding Your Benefits

Every one of you will not be entitled to the exact same benefits and coverage, and so you understand why this is it all depends where you live. I have inserted a link you are encouraged to click on to check your medicare coverage, so you just type in the search box your test or procedure you wish to check on and let this free tool do its thing for you.


Types Of Medicare

You are going to find there are two main types of Medicare insurance, and most of you will know these as part A, and part B.

Part A is the original plan that most of you know the most about, so what determines your coverage with this plan besides where you live? The federal and state laws, for one thing, is a major factor, and national coverage is determined by Medicare, but local coverage is determined by companies who decide if your medical needs are necessary or not.  So basically let’s see what part A covers, and I have listed this information for you below.

Inpatient Hospital Care

Nursing Care

Short-Term Nursing Home Care

Hospice Care

Home Health Care


Part B  medical benefits are also determined in the same method as part A, but this provides you two major types of coverage. Supplies & services that are needed to diagnose or treat you which is referred to as medically necessary services. The other type is what we know as preventative services, so now what exactly does part B cover for you.

Lab Tests


Medical Equipment


Part B also provides you some mental health benefits as well, and this is what you can expect as benefits for your mental health care.

Inpatient Care

Outpatient Care

Partial Hospitalization

Limited Prescription Medications


best medicare supplement plans


Private Company

Medicare is provided by a private company that contracts with this insurance coverage for you, so what Medicare health plans does this private company provide you.

Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Cost Plans


Elderly Care

Medication Therapy Management

Preventative Services


Now you have a little better idea what part A & part B plans benefits you have, but now I want to complete your Medicare information with what is not covered for you.

Long-Term Health Care


Glasses Prescriptions

Cosmetic Surgery


Hearing Aid Exams & Hearing Aids

Basic Foot Care


I can understand some of these not seen as necessary health needs, but when it comes to your teeth and eyes I really feel this is not fair. If you ever had dental pain or eye problems you know how serious this can be, so why these are not covered is beyond me. Why would hearing exams and hearing aids not be seen as necessary, I really feel whoever makes these decisions are not living in the real world. All of these are common health problems in your senior years, so how are you expected to pay for these on your fixed-income?


Understanding Supplement Plans

Supplement plans should not be needed in my opinion, and as I see it the majority of these people have worked their entire life and should be receiving complete health coverage that improves their lives. Since the majority of people receiving Medicare benefits are living on a fixed-income they require supplement plans to decrease their out-of-the-pocket expenses.  How many seniors do you see working part-time in dollar stores, grocery stores, and fast-food restaurants today, and I have talked to some of them who tell me they could not pay for the mediations without working part-time.


What About Those Who Are Unable To Work Part-Time

There are more people who are unable to work even part-time to make ends meet, and this is one of the main reasons many of these people go without the things they need to remain healthy. Many of these people are forced to go without their medications at least some of the time, and with everyone needing supplementation today, how many of them are able to afford their vitamins and supplements. Medicare doesn’t pay anything on your over-the-counter health products, so if you are in need of a nutritional product such as Ensure, you have to pay for this out of your own pocket.


best medicare supplement plans


How Much Will Supplement Plans Cost You

I really am surprised at the cost of supplement plans, and with people living on a fixed-income, I understand why many of them can’t afford additional health insurance. You will be paying between $70.00 to $270.00 per month, so I ask you how many people do you know receiving Medicare can afford to pay this out of their pocket?


What Determines The Price Of The Supplement Plan

According to eHealth Medicare, your cost depends on the plan you want. The majority of people will go for the best Medicare supplement plans they can afford, but you will find most people at this time in their life would struggle to pay $70.00 per month.  If you are interested in checking into these plans in more detail you can visit e-Heath Medicare and enter your zip code in their search form, so this is another recommended resource.


Best Medicare Supplement Plans

Most of us are between a rock and a hard place when it comes to paying for a supplement plan, and this is even more true for those of us living with Autoimmune Diseases who might have worked very little or not at all. So if you are on disability from chronic health problems your income is going to extremely low, and for most people in this situation, a supplement health plan just isn’t possible. My neighbor worked his entire life and his income is barely over one-thousand dollars per month, so even though he worked his entire life he is not able to afford any additional insurance. Here is a list provided by Retirement Living your best choices to consider, so this will provide you a place to start your shopping for supplement plans.

United Medicare Advisors



Mutual of Omaha

Blue Cross Blue Shield




For the full list and details, you can visit Retirement Living to read their article, so this completes this article on Medical Supplement Plans. I hope this article has provided you some useful information that will assist you in preparing for your golden years, and for those of you with Autoimmune Disease, I wish you the best managing your symptoms.
















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12 thoughts on “Best Medicare Supplement Plans

  1. Because I don’t live in a country where this is necessary, it’s not something I’ve really given a lot of thought to.
    After reading your article it has made me realize the importance of planning for the future. As we get older our bodies fail in different ways and not being able to work would put a huge dent in the finances.
    Thank you very much for sharing and giving me a lot to think about.

    1. Hello, Lisa

      Even though Medicare is not something that affects you personally, I am happy to hear this article did provide you some helpful information.


  2. This is a very informative read!

    I’ve heard about Medicare before, but never really got into researching it. This article summarizes what it is really well.

    Thank you for sharing!

    1. Hello, Joseph

      I thank you for reading and commenting on your experience with this article, and I hope you will visit my website again soon.


  3. Thank you so much for this crucially important article, Jeff. My mother just turned 60, is developmentally delayed, and requires extensive medical attention. While she has health insurance, she requires more assistance to cover her specialist visits. It’s a shame that we’re not able to rely on one source to take care of us-more is certainly needed. I have saved your site, and will certainly share it with my friends and family. God bless you!

    1. Hello, C.N.

      I do wish you the best with your mother, and being 61 years old myself I do understand how your mother could be experiencing health issues. I thank you for visiting my website and sharing about your mother, and if I can assist you and your mother in any way please let me know.


    1. Hello, Alyse

      I thank you for your kind words on my article, I really do feel the majority of people underestimate what Medicare actually pays for in your senior years. I see so many elderly people working part-time just to get by with their medical expenses, and Medicare only pays a percentage of all your medical expenses and you still have a co-payment.

      It just isn’t fair

  4. Thank you for this information, my mom is in her ” Goden Years” and she doesn’t even ave any health coverage to be honest. I always try to talk to her about her medical supplements plan. She just won’t listen and not even take my money.
    On the other end I have a brother with an autoimmune disease that started at 16 and by 22 he was forced to lay in bed for the rest of his life.

    1. Hello, Nataliya

      I am very sorry to hear about your brother, but I know from my own experience autoimmune disease can prevent you from being able to function well enough to take care of yourself. I wish you the best with your mom and your brother, and please contact me if I can be of any assistance to you and your family.


  5. This is a great post with a lot of information I was unaware of surprisingly. It is important to understand all you can about your healthcare benefits. Thanks for the info, I will pass this on!

    1. Hello, Melissa

      I thank you for visiting my website and passing my article on to others, and healthcare in our senior years is something we must prepare for years before we reach the age we are not able to work full-time any longer.


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